“Whose Wives are They Anyway?” Auditions

Auditions are fast approaching for our spring play: Michael Parker’s “Whose Wives Are They Anyway?”


Auditions will be Thursday, January 25th from 7:00 – 9:00 pm and Saturday, January 27th from 1:00 – 3:00 pm at the Waubonsee Community College Auditorium – Sugar Grove campus.  Auditions will consist of cold readings from the show.

We are looking for 3 men and 5 women.

The Ashley Maureen Cosmetics Company has been sold and two of its vice presidents, David McGrachen and John Baker, have planned a weekend off before the new C.E.O. arrives on Monday. With their wives safely off on a shopping spree in New York City, they check into The Oakfield Golf and Country Club intending to “golf their brains out.” They unexpectedly encounter their new boss, Ms. Hutchison, and she insists on meeting the wives, commenting blithely “no one who went golfing for a weekend without his wife would ever work for me.” So … David and John have to produce wives. John persuades Tina, the hotel’s sexy receptionist, to play the role of his wife, but the only one who can pretend to be David’s wife is…JOHN! Inevitably everything goes wrong as John moves in and out of bedrooms, changing from male to female at a frantic pace. Hilarious chaos ensues when the hotel phone system goes on the blink, Tina has too much champagne and can’t keep her clothes on, and, yes, the real wives arrive!

The play will be performed at Waubonsee Community College on April 6, 7, and 8, 2018.

Contact Jen Whittington at fcp.theartsacademy@gmail or 312/437-2518 for further information.



Whose Wives Are They Anyway

List of Characters

Suggested ages are approximate


JOHN BAKER (age 30-40) – A vice president of the Ashley Maureen Cosmetics Corporation, he is a successful business executive, who, because of his kind and gentle nature, allows himself to be manipulated into compromising situations by the more dominant personality of David. Alternating between the roles of himself and David’s “wife”, he is caught up in a whirlwind of events beyond his control, but nevertheless manages to show great strength of personality.  (Hardworking, honest, straightforward and full of initiative.)

DAVID McGACHEN (age 40-50) – A distinguished looking man, he has risen to become a vice president of the Ashley Maureen Cosmetics Corporation more by guile and cunning than ability and hard work.  Relentless in his efforts to impress his new boss, he attempts to manipulate all those around him.  Even when his plan to create two alternative wives begins to unravel, he never gives up scheming and plotting, and always seems to come up with “one more idea”.  (Clever and cunning, a relentless schemer.)

TINA (age 20-35) – The young, pretty country club receptionist.  She is good at her job, impressing the guests with her smile and personality.  Once she has been persuaded to impersonate John’s wife, she embraces the role wholeheartedly.  After a little too much champagne, she seems to have difficulty keeping all her clothes on and ends up at the heart of many of the visual comic sequences.  (Bright, sexy, a bubbling personality.)

MRS. CARLSON (age 45-60) – The club manager.  A straight-laced, severe woman who, in a few years will no doubt become a typical “old battleax”.  At this stage in her life she prefers to take the moral high ground, and does not hesitate to preach the evils of sex and adultery.  She sees herself as a guardian of morality for the country club, and makes sure all her guests know it.  (Dominant, bossy, efficient, yet rather likeable.)

WILSON (age 55+) – The club handyman.  He is the complete and total hypochondriac.  You name it, he suffers from it!  An endearing and comic character, he lights up the stage at his every entrance with his chromic complaints.  Never far from most of the comic sequences, he is a pivotal character who observes all the madcap happenings going on around him.  (Likeable, funny, with a great sense of humor.)

D.L. HUTCHINSON (age 35-50) – The new president of the Ashley Maureen Cosmetics Corporation.  She is bright, smart and self-assured, with a “take charge” nature.  She is the “straight man” of the plot, for whose benefit the duplicate wives have been produced.  She is a somewhat overbearing character, serious in nature, who, at all times, is all business.  (Smart, attractive, efficient and personable.)

KARLY McGACHEN (age 35-50) – She is quite a strong character who reacts in a positive and forceful way to the apparent infidelity of her husband David.  Determined to make him jealous, she is party to several hilarious scenes as she makes a play for the reluctant Wilson.  (Determined and calculating, yet with a tender side.)

LAURA BAKER (age 30-40) – A pretty little thing who is somewhat dominated by the stronger character of Karly, she is a simple soul who just wants to be loved by her husband John.  She never quite understands what is going on around her.  She cries at the drop of a hat and spends much of her time on stage in tears.  (Tender, loving, naïve.)