Elementary students (grades 1-8 in the fall) will meet from 9-12 a.m. for 2 weeks, starting July 10, 2017.  The students will be working on “Superheroes” themed skits and will perform their show on Friday, July 21 and and Saturday, July 22 at 7:00 p.m.

They will develop their performance skills under the expert direction of theatre professionals and educators.  In a positive environment, these students gain confidence and poise as they explore every aspect of live theatre.

Our rising starts are hard at work – we have 65 kids enrolled this year!

They are under the direction of:

Academy Director:  Jen Whittington
Ages 6-7:  Eliseo Martinez
Ages 8-10:  Meg McGarry
Ages 10-13:  Mackenzie Burke
Musical Director:  Meredith Olson
Choreographer:  Jordan DePhillips
Art Director:  Jennifer Fule
College Intern:  Amelia Deering